What does the 50 Years/50 Families Community Relations Campaign entail?

In celebration of El Dorado Furniture’s 50th anniversary, we wish to give back to our Florida communities who have supported us since our very beginning.  El Dorado Furniture will be donating new home furnishings to 50 underprivileged families. Our local communities have contributed to the success of our company, so for reaching this milestone we would like to show our appreciation while continuing to make a difference.

How are the families being selected?

We have partnered with various non-profit organizations that have identified and selected 50 families within our community who are in need of basic furniture essentials. For a list of our partnering organizations, please click here.

Can anyone participate?

This program is only available to families who are registered and nominated within each non-profit organization. El Dorado Furniture and the non-profit organizations are not accepting applications or nominations at this time.

How much will be donated?

El Dorado Furniture is committed to providing over a quarter million dollars’ worth of home furnishings as well as covering the additional expenses that this process entails to these families.

Some of our sponsors will also be making donations and sponsorships towards these families.

How long will you be doing this?

Our 50 Years/50 Families Community Relations Campaign will officially launch on January 26, 2017 and will run through June 29, 2017. At the end of our campaign, we will hold a closing ceremony and reunite the 50 families selected, with a big celebration at our Pembroke Pines Showroom.

Has El Dorado Furniture done anything like this before?

We have followed this anniversary tradition of giving back to Florida’s communities in the past, twice; on our 40th anniversary in a similar way with 40 Years/40 Families in 2007, and for our 45th anniversary with 45 Years/45 Families in 2012.

How can I stay up to date on the latest information about 50 Years/50 Families?

Check out our site often for the latest information! We will be posting videos, pictures, and news coverage. For constant updates, follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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